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Slatwasher Machine (Patent #7252102)

Along with the custom machinery, tooling and fixtures we build specifically based on customer requirements, we have a few products of our own. This machine is called a Slatwasher. The Slatwasher is used in the pharmaceutical industry to clean Slats used on equipment in the filling process of vitamins and tablets into bottles. These slats need to be cleaned in an efficient manner to reduce cross contamination. We at TAS have developed this machine to be a cost effective solution to the manual way of cleaning currently being done all over the world.

The machine design is 304 and 316 stainless steel construction with a complete outside washdown design. There are no external fasteners on the machine to collect debris during the cleaning process. The machine design utilizes a horizontal rotary carousel that holds 72 slats ranging in length from 15” to 42” in length. The machine design utilizes King, Lakso and Merril style slats. The machine controls are based on an Allen Bradley PLC and touch screen and all are UL Listed. There are 4 modes of operation for the Slatwasher, Pressure wash, Ultrasonic wash, Rinse and dry. We can supply an optional USP rinse on the machine. The complete cycle of the machine is 1 hour to process 72 slats.

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